Faster, more efficient production means more savings in your budget.

Simply put, Workflow’s functions and features rock. Designed to maximise your productivity, these handy functions will help you to streamline your production process from prep to wrap.

Production Schedules
From production calendars to tech recce schedules to wardrobe fitting breakdowns to post-production schedules – all your production schedules are created online and accessible to everyone on your shoot in an instant, easy to view manner.
Production Booklet
Pulling information from pre-populated sections of your Job, the Production Booklet is published online and is easy to view and read. Distributed to all at the push of a button, this feature ensures no more last-minute panic and rush to the copy shop to print the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-important booklet. It is simply and completely accessible on your laptop, tablet or mobile. Just like that.
Daily Call Sheets
While we can’t pretend that we have removed the interminable wait for confirmation of the next day’s call time, we have made it much easier and more streamlined to create your final daily – and to share your daily call sheet with everyone.
All your locations in one place, online, including special customised notes for Unit Parking - and with GPS co-ordinates linked to google maps for instant, verbal directions. No more late-night map drawing for Unit Managers, no more dangerous dash across the highway in the dark to post location signs before sunrise, no more unsafe driving-while-map-reading for your drivers. Click and go.
Supplier Directory
All your suppliers’ details all in one place. No need to search elsewhere for contact details. Or VAT numbers. Or recapture info for call sheets and production booklets. Simply search and add to your documents. Use ours. Add your own. They are all there, at the touch of a button.
Crew and Cast Members Directory
All your crew and cast contact details all in one place. No need to try and remember phone numbers. Or personal details. Or recapture each crew member on every job. Again and again. Simply search and add crew and cast to your production documents.
Too many whatsapp groups? Endless phone calls wasting your time? Send instant notifications direct from the system. Send to one person, send to a whole department or send to everyone on the job. See who has received and read the notification. Send again if necessary. All at the click of a button.
Time Logs
No more manual signing of time sheets on pieces of paper attached to clip boards. Crew and cast log onto the mobile app, enter their own times, and submit. All the production team has to do is approve, download and send to Agents. It’s really that simple.
File Storage
All your job files and production documents, all in one place, all secure, all backed-up daily, accessible to all at any time, as and when needed. Before, during and even long after the job.

Pricing Plan

Workflow doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all, and so our plan is that you only pay per job. Based on job duration. No hidden fees. No extra costs. No limit to the number of web or mobile app users. That is the plan.

R 5 000 per job
Micro - R 5 000 per job
1 Month access to your job in edit mode
Thereafter view-only mode
Unlimited Users
R 7 500 per job
Small - R 7 500 per job
2 Month access to your job in edit mode
Thereafter view-only mode
Unlimited Users
R 8 000 per job
Medium - R 8 000 per job
3 Month access to your job in edit mode
Thereafter view-only mode
Unlimited Users
R 8 500 per job
Large - R 8 500 per job
4 Month access to your job in edit mode
Thereafter view-only mode
Unlimited Users
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